blondosonichellcat isn’t that yours?


Miles and his pillows is my favorite thing in the world hahaha plus an added bonus of Jay too ❤️

I’m worried I’ll forget your face

❝ You know how you used to sing in the mirror and pretend to be a rock star or whatever when you were a teenager?… Well, me, I still do that ❞
——  Miles Kane (via letmebetheonethatshineswithyou)

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Normal Person - Arcade Fire
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Arcade Fire | Normal Person

I’m so confused. Am I a normal person?
You know, I can’t tell if I’m a normal person
It’s true, I think I’m cool enough, but am I cruel enough?
Am I cruel enough for you?


Austin City Limits - Day One, Friday October 11, 2013 by Dave Elmore